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What Do We Teach?

We keep up to date with all South Africa school curriculums which includes CAPS and the IEB curriculum.


We cover the English language for all levels. Our English lessons are well structured and cover all areas of reading and writing.

Social and Emotional

Social and Emotional is an important part of your Childs academics. We ensure your child is emotionally connected to their learning material. 


Science is a subject that can open many doors for your child. We provide tutoring in science to assist children understand concepts and exploring topics through project based activities.


We provide a high quality of Maths tutoring for Grade 1 - 7. We structure the lessons around the basic concepts and are able to extent the child to higher levels of Maths through games and stories.


Learning Materials

Learning materials aids the learning process by allowing children to explore, play and expand their knowledge with the use of concrete materials. We stock a wide variety of learning resources to aid every stage of your child's development.

"If there is one thing that I have realised during lockdown - I am not a teacher/educator as much as I tried. We are all doing our best as parents to navigate the new world of online classes/ teaching and learning amidst this pandemic. 

Many of our children are left feeling overwhelmed by the extent of online learning or in some cases; the lack of! 


This is where Teacher Virtuality steps in and takes the reins... getting what my child needs has never been easier, from a click of a button, I received an extensive questionnaire requesting in-depth understanding of how my child learns and her needs, I highly recommend TEACHER VIRTUALITY"

Glodean, Hannah's mom


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